My Notes On Bloghopping

Sun, 2007-12-09 01:09

I feel like I have been working very hard lately. I am glad you are not able to see me as I write this, because sometimes my work does not appear to the onlooker to be all that strenuous, but to me it is pushing the mental envelope. I am in a situation now where I have a large complicated project that is way past due along with many smaller projects that are beginning to be past due. Today I took a break and cruised some personal blogs.

I can take this sort of thing off of my taxes because it is important research into what works on a website and what does not. It is one thing to read about standards on all the fancy websites, but what really drives the lesson home is experiencing frustration or convenience up close and personal. I am going to put a few of today's highlights up lest I fall back into the specter of work at this hour.

I am not too concerned with the design elements of the blogs I visit, I am there for the story. I do very much enjoy attractive designs but I would rather see a poorly executed original design than a stock template. I do know how to turn styles off altogether if a blog is completely unreadable, and if the story is any good I will subscribe in a feed reader. Problem solved. The only possible exception to this may be white text on a black background. This particular design choice tricks me into thinking it is legible, but after a short time my head hurts, my eyes quit focusing, and I need to take a break. I won't debate that maybe I should get up and move around more, but I doubt the designer had my well being in mind when the decision was made. I am able to read a little longer if the contrast is not so strong, say if an almost white is used for the text and a very dark grey is used as a background, but only if the font-weight is set to something a little heavier than the standard issue. This only delays the pain, though. Having said all that, I wonder if my green text is offensive to anyone?

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Group Blog Hug Time!

Fri, 2007-11-30 23:56

I have been a web feed junkie for some time now. I subscribe to the blog feeds of local celebrities, big sites like /., people I know, and even my own wiki so I can squash the spammers as soon as possible. I also subscribe to blogs that deal with subject matter I am interested in, or written by folks whose style I enjoy. I would never remember to visit most of these blogs individually, and usually only visit a blog to comment.

A new service called RSSHugger promises to make it easier for me to find blogs that I like. It is a directory arranged by category, human edited to weed out the spam, and it seems to be growing at about a rate of maybe 10 new blogs a day. We will see if the editor can keep up the pace if this thing really takes off. Smiling

This was designed to be a paid listing, but for now you can get your blog in the directory for free if you write a review and give a link. So here we go. I am sure I will let you know if I get in and the viral marketing strategy works.

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I Am A Real Writer - The Writers Block Proves It

Sat, 2007-11-10 15:08

I just wasted too much time reading this person's blog. I really do identify with her in a lot of ways, and I feel like such a loser for not forming my own opinions and then blogging about them. I don't feel so bad that I would actually do it, but like her I am fully qualified. I am an evil nasty degenerate sort of person, and my friends know it. I do try not to focus on it.

I manage to feel superior because my blog has no profanity. It might actually be fun to attempt to vent without resorting to scatological terms. I just know I could never handle the fame.

Edit: I was with her right up to where she burned 900 bucks. Now I remember why I like being boring.

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Find Me On The Network

Fri, 2007-10-19 23:00

I am pleased to say that I am now a member of a blogging network! The network is still new and I was one of the first to sign up. I am looking forward to getting to know my new and future colleagues.

The network is a part of Feedburner. I had not signed up for their services before; I am certain that most of my traffic comes from folks checking their linkbacks rather than RSS subscriptions. I have no plans to monetize this blog unless it becomes so wildly popular that I cannot afford it. Heehee.

The idea of a group feed is very interesting to me. I did read somewhere not too long ago that certain types of people will remove a blog's feed from their feed reader if updates do not come often enough. I am more inclined to do the opposite, if someone is far too chatty, especially about something I am not wildly excited about, I will drop them and maybe just visit the actual blog when I have a chance. This might be a way to keep both types of subscribers happy.

Anyway, the network is made up of geeky chicks. If you enjoy listening to girls talking nerdy, this may be a feed you will enjoy.

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Happy Birthday

Fri, 2006-12-08 14:51

This weblog is one year old today, or at least I assume so since I have personally been a member for 52 weeks and one hour. Since I usually join a website immediately at installation I feel it is fairly accurate.

Actually, the birthday of the domain was much earlier, Whois states:

Created: 10-Jun-2004

I don't think anybody will accuse me of rushing into this.

Plans for the new year include a move to a different server. I probably will not attempt a Look-and-Feel overhaul but you never know. The present design was arrived at rather scientifically: I was playing around in Photoshop, came up with this, and thought I had never seen anything similar. So I used it.

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Tue, 2006-07-18 00:24

Ok, starting right now things are going to be just a leeetle bit different around here. That's right, anonymous comments are now moderated.

It's not like I have a problem with the "S" word or anything like that. This here website don't get near enough traffic to support ads for dog stairs or even random gibberish. Heck, the only search term that might find me is "no os found", and anyone interested in that is already...
Well, let's just say they ain't going near a search engine soon.

Anyway, the situation that brought on this major policy change is the proliferation of the blank comment. Someone obviously visited every hour or two over the course of a couple days and hit the silly submit button. Buddy, I get your message ok and in fact it echos my sentiments exactly but enough is enough, I get it. I would delete the things but the truth is a solid dozen comments in two days is really cool, even if the intellectual content is barely over what you would expect from your typical MySpace profile.

Regular anonymous commenters need not worry, I have since installed the totally cool adminblock.module which is something every Drupal admin should consider as an alternative to almost any other thing, unless of course you get more than the standard 5,896 useless comments per week.

Gotta run, just heard about the new Uncyclux distro and I just hafta reformat.

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