Big Brother Signs My Check

Thu, 2007-02-22 00:10

I am interested in the new procedure to track an employee's "clocked in" status. Normally I am put off by attempts to track a human and perhaps an object using RFID, but since the device is unmountable and really only is in use while you are on the premises of your job, it seems the benefits out weigh the invasion of privacy. Or maybe this is just an easy in to total world domination.

Anyway, the thing that appeals to me is being able to help people quickly and efficiently after I am technically clocked out; impossible at present for insurance reasons. Of course this will be sold to employers as a way to dock folks pay while they are goofing off. Somehow the brain waves differ when you are thinking about work and when you are thinking about fun. I am undecided about this. In one sense the employer should pay for you to be available for a certain number of hours; on the other hand it would be fun to see those slackers get docked.

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Beyond USB Drives

Tue, 2006-12-05 03:11

I just love the little flash drives. I always have one on me and whenever someone asks me about the best way to get me that file, I just whup one out and request the file to be put on it. It defeats web ambiguity and forgetfullness.

I suspect that I do not use the thumb drives to their full advantage. They are handy things to have and I use them extensively for transferring files from one computer to another to save the expense of a blank CD or the pain of setting up a proper network. For this purpose I find the media cards to be superior. If you have a card reader for each computer, there is no need to wrestle out of the USB connection with each transfer, you can simply eject the card. I tend to collect cards in the SD or CF flavor as they are also compatible with my Zaurus. This comes in handy if you ever need to park outside the public library and download a Linux distro to your handheld, provided you also have an adapter to draw power off the lighter socket.

It also turns out that you can run a customized application from the WinXP popup that you get whenever you insert a card. I need to test the concept but it seems like you can configure a card to run Apache and MySQL automatically, plus have the default browser open to localhost. This would be great for website clients, provided they run XP.

The info to do all this is listed at Daily Cup of Tech and there is a lot of info there about customizing flash drives.

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