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Do You Know Where Your Food Has Been?

Tue, 2007-07-17 23:57

I am a member of the local food taskforce. I would love to sit here and tell you that I have some special skill or knowledge that qualifies me for this distinction. Truth is, they have me because I show up for the meetings.

Food is an important part everyday life. Greater minds than mine have gone on in length about the spiritual nature of food, the economic and ecological value, the nutritional value, the danger of losing control. I am not qualified to comment. I do see that all of these different levels need to be addressed.

Meanwhile, back at the meeting, there is certainly much work to be done. We have much brainstorming and discussion. Intermediate goals are identified. It turns out that I have the connections around town to bring about the graphic representation of our food system as it exists. Children photographing their idea of food. I can't wait to see what they show me.

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January 24, 1007

Thu, 2007-01-25 00:13

This is a date I must remember. It could have been a better day, but it is pretty much over now.

On this day, maybe at about 7:45PM or so give or take, my son cashed in on years of showing up and participating and a good amount of hard work, and became an Eagle Scout.

Of course I cried, and I look forward to the formal ceremony where I plan to weep openly in front of numerous young boys and their parents. That's just how I roll.

Earlier today, I got a call from the high school while at work. I held my breath until the lady said the word "clinic". After that, the lady on the phone told me to come and get the boy and take him to the doctor immediately. She goes through all kinds of symptoms like dizziness and tingling but I wasn't really paying attention to any of that. I just took my leave from work hoping I had the insurance card on me but not really expecting to need it. The school does seem to play these things up a bit.

When I got to the school office I was suprised to see one of the teachers sitting with the boy. We got out quickly after I agreed to go to the doctor. My son explained that he had all the symptoms of a stroke, and that medication was effective if taken in the first three hours.

We were still sitting in the examining room waiting for the doctor when the three hour mark passed. Not so much because the doctor was behind but more because my son was hesitant to call me in the first place.

The doctor comes in and pronounces it a migraine. Joy.

So, we came home, chilled a bit, had supper, and went back out to face the Board of Review that would determine if my son was eligible to be an Eagle Scout.

Can you believe someone had the nerve to rear-end me on the way? We both got out and he asked me if I wanted to pull over and have a look. I told him that if I was able to pull over at all then I was fine and not to worry. And I was.

That was my day.

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