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Got Hay?

Sun, 2007-12-16 20:29

The spring-like temperatures my area has been enjoying may be over for the next few days. I walked down the road to check out the conditions, and attracted the attention of some hungry neighbors.


They were never quite convinced that I was not the one bringing the food. I think when I left they went inside the barn to wait.

We are expecting more snow and temperatures down in the teens tonight. I don't really expect any trouble tomorrow when I drive into town, but I know I will not set out very early.

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Who Is In Charge Here?

Sun, 2007-11-25 00:15

I really can't believe I managed to set myself up for a basic newb problem. The fact that the problem led into a street brawl does not even figure in. Catfights come with the territory, and while I do not back down, or lose, conflict or the lack thereof does not make something right or wrong.

The fact is, I dropped the ball.

I want to write this down because even if I never read this again the effort of putting it into words might be enough to make me remember in the future.

One important thing I want to take away from this is that if you plan something, it is important to assume that it will succeed. Humility is fine for individuals, but when you are acting as a business it may be best to count on the fact that you do in fact rock and plan accordingly. Especially if your business rocks.

I will throw something else out there, not because it will help, but only because the obvious must be stated: Think, doggoneya! There is no real point in building up knowledge and experience if you have no plan to use it.

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Same Old, Same Old

Thu, 2007-11-08 03:25

Those of you charting my progress will be happy to know that I have whittled my major emergencies down to one. Sure it is huge, and maybe not even an emergency since it has been pending a full year. Still, the parties involved want it by Thanksgiving. A project this big with any sort of deadline automatically becomes an emergency.

The emergencies I am claiming as quieted still have some details to be attended to. Nothing big, just a few details.

After that, maybe I can start on some of the things I want to do.

Problem is, the stuff I want to do ain't all that different from the emergencies I have been dealing with. True enough, I get a charge when I learn something useful, and I look forward to having people use what I build.

Not sure what an actual day off means. Even on officially sanctioned days off some planning has to be taken for meals. I am sure each of my regular days would qualify as a day off for someone...

Yeah, I do stay up late at night. A better person than I would say that is bad practice. Hard to fly with the eagles when you are up with the owls, they say. The problem is that I do not go right to sleep unless I have had a full day of physical labor. And I have not earned a living through brute force in a couple of years.

I could go upstairs and run the tape of everything in my life I have done in order to go so wrong. Or, I could stay here and enjoy mankind's greatest invention, Internet radio, and wait for somebody awesome to talk to. Someone shows up more often than not.

Accentuate the positive is what I say.

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Zero Waste

Mon, 2007-10-15 20:49

I recently met with a group of people who are trying to promote zero waste in our community. I was aware of their accomplishments but had never attended a formal meeting. I was impressed with the wide range of people who are willing to work in this area, and it seems that some of the local public spaces may find themselves with new or improved recycling stations.

It is amazing how much trash accumulates when people gather, and it is a sure bet that large volumes of waste leave private homes every day. I hope that the presence of effective recycling programs will influence consumers to lower their own private waste output.

My family throws out a good amount of waste as well. This is despite recycling whenever possible and choosing reduced packaging when possible. We also compost everything we can, this includes not only kitchen scraps and used coffee filters but also junk mail after we run it through a shredder. The end product is wonderful for growing things.

Another thing I always try to remember when I am leaving the house is my insulated coffee mug. Coffee houses are happy to fill my cup instead of using theirs as it saves them money, and over time small actions like that can make quite a dent in the landfill.

This post is a participation in Blog Action Day. The aim is to get everyone talking towards a better future. Let's do it.

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Waiting on a Friend

Tue, 2007-09-25 21:44

I bought my first MP3 today. DRM-free, and the kid even says it has not too bad numbers that make it a not too bad MP3. It plays fine on my computer and it plays fine on my PDA. I bought it from Amazon. I always meant to maybe think about maybe installing the software that would make the i-tunes thingy possible for me, especially after the release of DRM free selections at an accelerated price. Just never got around to it. The new Amazon scheme hit me just right, no need to download anything, just pays the $.89 and downloads your song. Perfect.

Yeah I bought the Rolling Stones tune. No history comes with that particular song, I just like it.
Making love and breaking hearts, that is a game for youth.
Yeah baby.

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Anti's Big Adventure - Charlotte International Airport

Sat, 2007-07-28 22:30

I try not to go down off the mountain too much, but today I had to take my son to the airport. It was still dark when we started out, and raining, traveling down this monster steep incline that has become a blast zone where they are widening the road. Things got better after the sun came up.

P7280008There was almost no traffic and we made pretty good time to the airport. I let him off at the front door just as his group leader got off the bus. I soon proceeded to the parking garage, where I easily got a parking slip and chose a spot near the counter. It was all going smoothly, but there was a price to pay later.

After everyone arrived they did the passport thing and the baggage thing and then it was time to move on to where mommies and other hangers-on cannot go. The kid waved goodbye and then was gone.

I stopped by the Starbucks on the way out because I had heard good things but had never tried their coffee. I had also heard that the baristi will correct your pronunciation without fail, but I am proud to say that I mangled Caffe Latte so well that they didn't even bother. "What size would you like?" "Tawl." They did surprise me by asking if I was going to take their picture, and asked if I was a reporter. I had forgotten that I had my old Olympus still strapped around my neck, and was also carrying my laptop and the backpack that holds my camera bag. I guess they figured that anyone who hauled around that much gear must have a good reason. I offered to photograph them and put it up on the Internet, but they declined.

P7280021P7280016I took my latte outside and had a lot of fun taking photos of the parking deck. There is a large fountain there and the grey sky was a bonus.

I finally got in the car to leave. That's when the trouble started.
There were numerous signs such as P7280050 and P7280052 marked "Exit" and pointing in various directions. I soon found that following those signs only led you in a grand circle. Sometimes there were even two exit signs pointing in opposite directions. Once I found a way to cross over to another parking deck. I did that and circled the other deck a few times, then crossed back to the original. Eventually I found ramps toward the center of the deck that allowed you to drive up and down a level. I chose down and after a while found a gate where a lady took my money and allowed me to escape. She agreed that the decks were difficult to navigate.

On the way home I stopped at Circuit City and touched some Nikon DSLRs. Nice!

There was a message from my son on my machine when I got home. He said that he had gotten on the wrong plane and was in Texas. I already knew that they were stopping over in Houston but it was good to hear they had gotten that far. He also said there is good coffee to be had in Texas.

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