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I Don't Like Conflict

Tue, 2008-04-22 02:39

I know I don't act like somebody that plays it safe. I act the fool with shenanigans. I understand the rules and know how to appear wise. I can give you a look that will melt your socks.

But in reality I am actually quite sensitive.

No, quit laughing. It is true.

Funny thing is, the old man hates conflict too. I am hurt to the point of dying, he thinks I am mad, and he hides too.

Not much conflict resolution going on here folks.
We work it out sometime.

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On Visiting Family - East

Sun, 2008-03-30 00:25

Honor your father and mother, and your days will be long upon the earth.

That is the only commandant with a promise. Personally I have accomplished everything in life that I ever hoped, so any day is fine. I ain't really here to diss anybody, though, just maybe give my buds some insight into what made me the eccentric old fool they have grown to know and tolerate.

I have been called upon to give my earliest childhood memory in an Internet love/sharing/kinda fun game. Bad thing is, the very first thing I remember is my dad getting pissed about some thing or other and tearing apart a perfectly innocent rocking chair with his bare hands and feeding it into the wood furnace. The whole ordeal kinda freaked me out because I knew that his mama always sat in that chair when she came over to visit. I don't know where she she sat after that night.

Maybe I can fake something about my tricycle and the sidewalk and make it sound happy. People love that sort of thing.

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Tue, 2008-03-25 12:26

Hey, it's official, folks. I have a cul de sac named after me. Looky:


No, I can't afford to even pitch a tent there, but hopefully the people who eventually do live there will imagine interesting stories about the historic person whose name is on the sign.

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I Am A Big Fan Of The Bald Guy

Thu, 2008-03-13 11:50

I don't usually use this blog to say anything important, especially regarding my real life. I am still not totally comfortable having people I know read what I write here. I don't put a lot of thought into this blog, and I try not to give it a second thought once I hit publish. If you happen to know me in real life, don't be wasting your time around here. Give me a call or something. Can't a girl get any privacy?

Now that I am alone with me Internet peeps, I do have something important to say to you. We have a good thing going on in this town, and you can be a part of it. I know this great guy who buys fresh coffee beans from the most equitable sources all around the world, roasts them himself, and grinds them up right there on the spot for the best cup of coffee you can imagine. Now, you are really missing out on a treat if you can't make it into the Bald Guy Brew World Headquarters for the total experience, but the good news is that the Bald Guy takes orders online and ships coffee all over the place. You won't be sorry. Head on over to Bald Guy Brew and have a look. Just don't tell him I sent you.

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Big Day For Me

Tue, 2008-01-08 02:24

What a day. It was not so much one of those days where I felt "In The Zone", but just a regular day with lots of hope.

The major event today was a meeting, and I had some things to do beforehand. I got things done here at the house, got things done in town, had a nice lunch with some great friends, and got to the meeting well in time.

The meeting went well too. I was mostly prepared, and caught up the slack by wowing them with technology (Thanks louie for the idea).

It looks real good for me to get an office. I need an office. The amount of paperwork I deal with is staggering for me.

Then, just when I am transferring to life from work, I get an email from the most respected Bryan Ruby asking for details so he can add me to his blogroll. I have been watching his blog since it's inception and I am so very impressed with Bryan's insights and dedication. I very much want to scream "I Am Not Worthy". Anybody visiting from CMS Report, welcome, and please accept this humble website as a Drupal equivalent to Blogspot, Wordpress, LJ, and anything like that, except with brass balls.

My other projects are going well. I was issued a challenge of sorts to build a website that can be updated by mobile phone. My efforts are working out and looking promising. I have not had any luck with voice updates, but the texting works just fine, thank you. I feel like I am working on something we will all take for granted in a couple of years.

These are exciting times. I am happy to be here to see it.

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Tis The Season

Sat, 2007-12-22 01:34

The whole big 'Net is starting to empty out. Travel and parties all take a front seat to gabbing online. I see that as a Very Good Thing, and it is also nice that there is a whole wide web here for those of us with Nothing Special planned.

It really is a different feeling when you log in on a major holiday. You can actually feel the emptiness. The city is all lit up, the drone waiters are ready to take your order, but the feeling of automation is all too real. A hollow echo.

The closest parallel I can draw to my real life is back when I was young and ran a retail store. I would go in early and let myself in. The potential energy was huge. Just me now, but in a few hours there would be masses of humanity seeking stuff. Energy in the making.

The thing I want is to do is give a big round of applause to the ones who run cleanup. You come in when the energy has degraded to a bazaar. You may or may not have something better to do, but circumstances require you to be right there. I do hope that the spirit is there for you, and that good things are in store.

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