Windows Won

Mon, 2008-06-02 01:19

I was not able to boot a working instance of Linux. This is due only to the fact that I tend to buy computers without built in CD ROMs. It would be nice if the manufactures supported backwards compatibility, but hey I understand, you gotta pay to play. Everything is a tradeoff, and I chose traveling light.

This is a special note to all who wrote in and asked if I backed up my data. Perhaps that is a fair question. There may be great numbers who do not understand that FORMAT DISK means you will lose everything. It may be too much to ask for you to remember that I am not one of those. Just for the record, I am not fond of starting over from scratch. Even better, my business requires I keep track of stuff. Yeah, I BACKED IT ALL UP.

So, Windows XP it is. I am not ashamed of going with the path of least resistance. I have work to do tomorrow. I expect to get it done with a minimum of hassle, despite the reformat.

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Moment of Truth

Sun, 2008-06-01 19:49

Things have calmed down here a bit, any projects left unfinished have been pending long enough that a few more hours won't be noticed, and I am about to find out if my new laptop will be running Windows or Kubuntu.

I have all my files backed up to my external hard drive, and am even typing this on the older backup computer. The deciding factor will be if the target laptop will boot off my external DVD drive. If not, then Windows will be re-installed.

I am quite comfortable with reinstalling Windows and I feel like I can have everything running well in a very short time. I am less confident with Linux but I should be able to run all but a couple of my favorite programs. If I can get my printer to work then I will be happy.

One of the programs I rely on is proprietary and Windows only. I need it to update one of the websites I maintain. I feel lucky to have a backup computer to run it on.

Here goes nothing!

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Worth a Thousand Words...

Fri, 2008-02-01 18:36

Or ten years, whichever comes first.

Anyway, I have photos of the new baby in the house. In this first one, we see Fang, the three and a half pound rabbit showing his default screen:

screaming laptop

This next shot shows Fang being supported by Lucy, an x23 and the very best that 2002 had to offer. As you can see Fang is missing just a bit of the wrist support space:

It's all good.

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I Bit The Bullet

Wed, 2008-01-30 05:07

The thought of trying to get my work done without a cute little laptop got to be the best of me. I am sure I could have gotten by with a big old laptop, and perhaps even survived with no laptop at all. We will never know for sure.

I have not looked at it too closely because I have been busy setting up the essentials like antivirus and such. I guess all new computers come with programs one does not want. IBM may not be as bad as some as there were no really trashy programs included. The first thing taken off this one was Norton antivirus. I had a lot of fun deleting registry keys (after a double backup) and then installing AVG. I may even take it with me to the meeting tomorrow if I get enough setup done.

The plan is to switch hard drives on the old one and put the one I have been using in a USB case. The first program I will move over is Firefox. I have been moving Firefox from computer to computer for years now and don't expect any trouble. The trick is to install a fresh instance of Firefox, then copy over two folders to overwrite the new ones. The first folder is in Program Files. The second is in C:\Documents and Settings\(your name)\Application Data. These are also the folders you want to back up before you do something risky to your Firefox.

After that, there is not too much to do but install different programs as I need them. I have mostly been using the same tools for years so I have a pretty good idea by now how to preserve the settings. The thing I do not look forward to is beating the Windows settings into submission.

The laptop itself seems nice. It is not exactly like the one I have been using day after day. Perhaps I can forgive it if it is fast enough. The battery is huge and I may have settled for less juice in order to lighten it some. I may change my mind if I don't have to worry too much about plugging in while I am out.

The bad thing is I no longer have an excuse for not getting any work done.

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Heavy on the Laptop

Thu, 2006-10-26 02:09

Hey, I am just sitting here, with a 3.5 pound laptop on my lap, and a nine pound cat...

Yeah you guessed it my monitor went out. I have been roughing it for just about a week. I don't miss the monitor all that much, but the lack of a mouse is killing me.

In just a couple of days I will not need my desktop at all and I can throw the monitor right out amd put the laptop right where the monitor is now. Or buy a nice new LCD monitor. Dang, but those things are expensive; I could just as well buy a whole new laptop.

As far as the laptop goes, I have been using it almost exclusively now. I would say entirely but I have not hooked up the printer yet. The whole thing worked out entirely differently from what I expected. I had never planned on having Windows XP but suddenly I do and it sure does get the job done. I really did want to make a go of Linux full time but it just didn't happen for me, no doubt due to the severe emotional problems of thes particular computer. The Free BSD I have installed as a dual boot works up tp a point. There is no Flash which I can live with and it tends to lose my settings for some odd reason.

Mostly, I just don't have the time to learn a new process for something I can do in Windows without thinking. Somebody sends me a Word document or even a JPG and suddenly I need to switch over to Windows to get it taken care of quickly.

I do see the need for *nix in my life. Dual booting ain't so bad. I can make this work.

I just wish this computer weren't so fruity when running UNIX.

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