World Domination

Mon, 2007-03-26 01:51

I have just finished reading Eric Steven Raymond and
Rob Landley's World Domination 201 and it makes pretty good sense to me.

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Where is that pesky HD

Tue, 2007-01-23 03:12

Curses, and I could easily do better than that, my Linux attempts are not really working out too well.

Now you must understand that I do recognise that somewhat modern equipment would perform oh so much better...and I do take into account that this particular laptop was severely dropped during delivery, and subsequently glued back together by yours truly, using substandard methods...


What do you mean, no OS found?

That seems to be a running theme in this here weblog.

I mean, the hard drive didn't seem to be all that hard to find during all that installization process.

Why wait until installation is complete to tell me there is a problem?

I swear I will install Windows just to see something. See if I don't. I know I must have a screw loose. Where might that one be?

tomorrow, maybe Fedora core 5, Maybe W98. Let the best man win.

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SUSE or the Highway

Sat, 2006-12-16 02:36

Well, I was not having the best of luck running Linux on the little laptop. PCBSD is real nice and all, but so is Windows XP and the latter also actually supports Flash. That is not the sort of thing I would have cared about until I got broadband, but now it is kinda nice.

Anyway, I found a good buy on a T series IBM laptop of about the same vintage as the other, and after just a little trial and error found that SUSE was the distro of choice for it.

The only painful aspect of SUSE so far is setting up Apache and friends to get a test server going, and I may not be done yet. I did switch over and make the Linux laptop my primary machine just aboout a week ago, and the transition was entirely uneventful. I have needed the XP machine mainly to access passwords I had moved over from my old computer. Were I only doing surfing/email/chat I may have never known the difference, but I also accomplished some fairly geeky tasks like converting a static website to a CMS and changing servers. Things were a little odd but it all happened nonetheless.

Perhaps the next step will be to boot the XP laptop into UNIX a little more often. PCBSD has some interesting database applications that may be useful, and it may well be a better platform for as test server than SUSE is turning out to be. I will still need XP for a few odd things such as accessing my Oregon Scientific camera. And of course for Photoshop.

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Top Ten Ways Windows is Superior to Linux

Thu, 2006-12-07 02:00
  1. Photoshop runs on Windows
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Heavy on the Laptop

Thu, 2006-10-26 02:09

Hey, I am just sitting here, with a 3.5 pound laptop on my lap, and a nine pound cat...

Yeah you guessed it my monitor went out. I have been roughing it for just about a week. I don't miss the monitor all that much, but the lack of a mouse is killing me.

In just a couple of days I will not need my desktop at all and I can throw the monitor right out amd put the laptop right where the monitor is now. Or buy a nice new LCD monitor. Dang, but those things are expensive; I could just as well buy a whole new laptop.

As far as the laptop goes, I have been using it almost exclusively now. I would say entirely but I have not hooked up the printer yet. The whole thing worked out entirely differently from what I expected. I had never planned on having Windows XP but suddenly I do and it sure does get the job done. I really did want to make a go of Linux full time but it just didn't happen for me, no doubt due to the severe emotional problems of thes particular computer. The Free BSD I have installed as a dual boot works up tp a point. There is no Flash which I can live with and it tends to lose my settings for some odd reason.

Mostly, I just don't have the time to learn a new process for something I can do in Windows without thinking. Somebody sends me a Word document or even a JPG and suddenly I need to switch over to Windows to get it taken care of quickly.

I do see the need for *nix in my life. Dual booting ain't so bad. I can make this work.

I just wish this computer weren't so fruity when running UNIX.

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Another Day, Another Distro

Fri, 2006-09-22 00:23

It has been a long process getting a flavor of OSS to run as a desktop on the "new" laptop. Since nearbout anything would run just fine on my old "old" IBM 600e laptop and my old "not quite so old" IBM desktop, I pretty much assumed that most anything would at least run on a somewhat newer model. Boy was I surprised.

I have manages to install the following distros on my IBM x23, in no particular order:

  • SuSe (crashed)
  • Ubuntu (crashed)
  • Mandriva (ran slower than the others, so it wasn't on long enough to crash)
  • Kubuntu (crashed)
  • Redhat Fedora Core 5 (seems stable enough, but what do I do with it?)
  • PCBSD (what I have now)(also fairly slow)

There may be some more that I have forgotten.

When I say crash, I mean there is an error message that some file or another is missing or corrupted, and I am given a command prompt to fix it. Usually the OS will load after a reboot or two, but not consistantly.

When I first began to contemplate choosing a distro, I wanted KDE, the ability to install and run Apache, and I really wanted out of the box recognition of my integrated wireless card. I did get internal wireless recognition from:

  • Ubuntu
  • Kubuntu

So close, and yet so far away.

Windows XP Pro loads consistantly, no internal wireless without a firmware update, but it does run all the magnifigreat programs that I find as natural as breathing, such as PocoMail and NoteTabPro. I bet it even runs Photoshop. Or Civilization II.

Sometimes I feel like a total and complete numbskull for putting myself through such torture when every computational function I ever dreamed of is right at my fingertips. The downside is that that everything I read speaks of virii, rootkits, WGA, and general ownership of things I would like to consider to be my own property. It has come down to ease of use versus moral ground, and doggone it if old habits ain't hard to break.

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