Keeping My Head Above Water

Tue, 2007-10-23 23:09

I finally got all my websites updated to the newest Drupal release. I may have gotten it done a few days earlier, but I pulled my back something awful and it was only today that I could even think of tracking down all the different servers.

I got a pretty good idea of what I have during the updating process. I have a couple of websites still using the older and soon to be outdated version of Drupal, but updating the themes seems to be a simple process, so that should be quick.

I have a couple of shopping carts that need to be started or redone. One should be a simple copy/paste, the other will be an ongoing process, but should pay well...

Is it possible that I am approaching the slow season in a semi-caught-up fashion?

My site owner who has been getting the most attention lately is experiencing downtime. I am continually asking the same question: Would a VPS be more reliable or would I be just putting all my eggs in one very expensive basket? One thing is certain, I will need a lot more education to continue to do my job. More money would do equally as well, but let's get real here!

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Would I Rather Be Dead?

Fri, 2007-03-23 00:30

Ok, so I have to give a speech. Not the Gettysburg address or the State of the Union, just a little 10 minute thing soon forgotten. I have notes and know the subject matter by heart, or at least some of it. The rest I made up entirely. No way I could fail at this, but somehow I feel like if someone has made it 46 years without a major public speaking event, and then suddenly has a public speaking event, it is a major event and must not be taken lightly. Either I will go to my grave knowing I made a speech once, or I will go to my grave knowing I made a speech once and bombed so badly that nobody present will ever recover.

I do feel so fortunate to have Internet access at this time. As a result I have access to all sorts of helpful info such as: "The best impromptu speeches are the ones written well in advance" ~Ruth Gordon.

Thanks, lady. It is not like I had more than six months notice or anything. And besides, I was thinking about the speech the whole time. Thinking about the speech is very similar to writing the speech, just less structured.

Anyway, it has been pointed out to me that come Monday morning I will be every bit as good as new. Win, Lose or Draw, anything associated with my little speech will be long done with before the start of next week. Heck, I will probably even sleep late.

Let's hear it for things to tell the grandkids...

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I Have Been Published

Mon, 2006-05-29 00:49

I have written something that appeared in an actual print newspaper. Too bad I got all excited and gave all my copies away, and now all I have to prove it is the online version. I have written lots of online things, for better or worse.

Anyway, I can't really remember if I wrote the first paragraph or not, many years ago, but I do know that at some point and at the very least I Edited it for Online Publication. Scroll on down to where it says: This Week in Watauga and you will see the part that I wrote. Not the recipe, though.

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Sun, 2006-05-21 21:06

It is so odd that a large part of my work involves writing. I am able to get the job done to a satisfactory degree, but I can't help but think that the results would be more pleasing if it were less of a chore. Practise seems to help with the process but not the enthusiasm. Is this something that can be learned?

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Friday Came and Left

Fri, 2005-12-30 23:50

My after-Christmas work marathon is finally over, and now after a quick trip for a New Year's party I may find myself back to what passes for normal around here. Along with my regularly scheduled web related activities I plan to check out, a new link storage system I just discovered. I do love a good web app. Plans are to try out a link system installed on my own server as well, all in due time I am sure.

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