Worth a Thousand Words...

Fri, 2008-02-01 18:36

Or ten years, whichever comes first.

Anyway, I have photos of the new baby in the house. In this first one, we see Fang, the three and a half pound rabbit showing his default screen:

screaming laptop

This next shot shows Fang being supported by Lucy, an x23 and the very best that 2002 had to offer. As you can see Fang is missing just a bit of the wrist support space:

It's all good.

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I Bit The Bullet

Wed, 2008-01-30 05:07

The thought of trying to get my work done without a cute little laptop got to be the best of me. I am sure I could have gotten by with a big old laptop, and perhaps even survived with no laptop at all. We will never know for sure.

I have not looked at it too closely because I have been busy setting up the essentials like antivirus and such. I guess all new computers come with programs one does not want. IBM may not be as bad as some as there were no really trashy programs included. The first thing taken off this one was Norton antivirus. I had a lot of fun deleting registry keys (after a double backup) and then installing AVG. I may even take it with me to the meeting tomorrow if I get enough setup done.

The plan is to switch hard drives on the old one and put the one I have been using in a USB case. The first program I will move over is Firefox. I have been moving Firefox from computer to computer for years now and don't expect any trouble. The trick is to install a fresh instance of Firefox, then copy over two folders to overwrite the new ones. The first folder is in Program Files. The second is in C:\Documents and Settings\(your name)\Application Data. These are also the folders you want to back up before you do something risky to your Firefox.

After that, there is not too much to do but install different programs as I need them. I have mostly been using the same tools for years so I have a pretty good idea by now how to preserve the settings. The thing I do not look forward to is beating the Windows settings into submission.

The laptop itself seems nice. It is not exactly like the one I have been using day after day. Perhaps I can forgive it if it is fast enough. The battery is huge and I may have settled for less juice in order to lighten it some. I may change my mind if I don't have to worry too much about plugging in while I am out.

The bad thing is I no longer have an excuse for not getting any work done.

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SEO in the City

Tue, 2008-01-29 09:54

I am happy with the way this whole weblog thing is working out. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to read. This is not the most serious blog on the intertubes, but I have made a few new friends with it. All the boys seemed to be able to find it once word got out that I was dynamite with a laser beam. Life is good.

It has been pointed out to me that the one thing I am missing in life is descriptive URLs. Well, ok, maybe a few other things too but I think that one tops the list. I am going to give it a try, and if this post generates an URL that satisfies The Ones In The Know then all posts after it will follow the same format. If not, I may just have to try again.

Yeah you guessed it, this is only a test.

Leave a comment if you like my nice new URL structure.

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I Shouldn't Get So Attached

Thu, 2008-01-17 01:20

After all it is only a computer. Not a very good one, either, it is much older than what most people would call serviceable. The screen was scratched pretty bad when I first got it. I am all the time waiting for it to do something or other.

It is still one of the coolest things I ever owned.

I mean, the thing is tiny. It was too cool just to pick up and move over there. Balance it and the cat on my knee when I watched TV. Check my email at the coffee shop.

I guess I wore it out. It looks like the connector to the left mouse button is just gone. I could get it repaired, but it seems the money would be better spent on something more modern. The end of an era.

Funny thing is, computers like it are selling for the same price I paid for this one. Current versions sell for what I might pay for an automobile.

I mourn the loss of my friend.

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Does This Domain Taste Funny To You?

Fri, 2008-01-11 00:59

The overwhelming number of domains registered every day will never add anything positive to the Internet. They will be used to host a script which will in turn list a large number of links on the home page. What's more, most of these domains will immediately be dropped during the five day grace period and the party registering the domain will pay no money at all. This is known as domain tasting. It is allowed to happen because the domains that do bring enough clicks on the displayed links to make a profit are picked up for a full year. The folks who make the rules earn a small profit on every domain registered.

I have a nice set of graphs as an example for those of you who are into that sort of thing.

There is also such a thing as domain tasting taken to the extreme, labeled domain kiting by GoDaddy's Bob Parsons. He blogged extensively about domain kiting on May 10, 2006, June 21, 2006 and June 4, 2007. What it boils down to is the registering party uses really good timing to tie up the domain for another 5 days still at no cost. They do this over and over.

The good news is that ICANN, or the people who make the rules for the .com and .net TLDs, is accepting comments about domain tasting until January 28, 2008. Please head on over there and voice your opinion.

I think domain tasting should be eliminated, or at least restricted. A small restocking fee would cut down much of the abuse. Domains used solely for advertising do not contribute to the Internet as a whole. It does cause major problems for folks who accidentally let their domain registrations lapse. Tasters tend to grab up all expiring domains, and if the former website got a fair amount of traffic the new owners would be likely to hang on to the domain after the grace period, or even demand high prices for it's return.

In related news, NetSol was recently accused of front-running, a practice similar to domain tasting. You can read a writeup at Mark Fulton's Dot Sauce, but basically NetSol was reserving every domain searched through it's server and releasing them after four days. The domains could still be registered by anyone, but only through NetSol. As far as I can tell they have stopped this practice. Domains searched at their website and reserved yesterday can still be purchased through them, but the page generated for that domain no longer says:

This Domain is Available - Get it Now!
600,000 domain names are registered daily! Don't delay; there's no guarantee that a domain name you see today will still be here tomorrow!
Buy a domain name as low as $19.99

but now reads:

This Site Is Under Construction and Coming Soon.
This Domain Is Registered with Network Solutions

A small but important change.

New searches do not seem to be reserved at all. This would have been a major problem had it continued, especially since NetSol charges many times over the going rate for domain registrations. If I am correct and this practice has been stopped, it is a positive sign that large companies will be kept in line.

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Big Day For Me

Tue, 2008-01-08 02:24

What a day. It was not so much one of those days where I felt "In The Zone", but just a regular day with lots of hope.

The major event today was a meeting, and I had some things to do beforehand. I got things done here at the house, got things done in town, had a nice lunch with some great friends, and got to the meeting well in time.

The meeting went well too. I was mostly prepared, and caught up the slack by wowing them with technology (Thanks louie for the idea).

It looks real good for me to get an office. I need an office. The amount of paperwork I deal with is staggering for me.

Then, just when I am transferring to life from work, I get an email from the most respected Bryan Ruby asking for details so he can add me to his blogroll. I have been watching his blog since it's inception and I am so very impressed with Bryan's insights and dedication. I very much want to scream "I Am Not Worthy". Anybody visiting from CMS Report, welcome, and please accept this humble website as a Drupal equivalent to Blogspot, Wordpress, LJ, and anything like that, except with brass balls.

My other projects are going well. I was issued a challenge of sorts to build a website that can be updated by mobile phone. My efforts are working out and looking promising. I have not had any luck with voice updates, but the texting works just fine, thank you. I feel like I am working on something we will all take for granted in a couple of years.

These are exciting times. I am happy to be here to see it.

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