How to Back Up Firefox

Sat, 2008-06-07 23:54

It's probably just a little sad, the way I rely on Firefox. It is my interface to the rest of the planet, and over the years I have collected links and bookmarklets and lots of neat things. It's like my own personal Swiss army Knife for the web. I could probably recover in time if I lost it all and had to start over. Let's hope I never have to.

I have kept the same install of Firefox going for at least 4 years over quite a few computers. I have only used Windows 98 and XP, but I see no reason why you can't adapt this to your own OS.

There are two folders to be backed up in my fast and dirty backup of Firefox. The first, and easiest to find, is in C:\Program Files. There should be a folder there called Mozilla Firefox. Right click on that folder and select copy. Right click again and hit paste. After a second or two you should have a brand new folder named Copy of Mozilla Firefox.

Now for the tricky part.

The folder you are now looking for may be in different locations depending on your setup. It is most definitely somewhere in C:\Documents and Settings\. In my case, it is located in C:\Documents and Settings\(username)\Application Data with (username) being the name you log into Windows with. The folder you are looking for is named Mozilla.

Do exactly the same copy/paste operation as you did before. It is important this time that you do not have Firefox running while you do this. If you get the error message, simply rename your new folder 'bad Copy of Mozilla' and come back later.

Now let's say you have a brand spanking new computer and a familiar install of Firefox. Go ahead and install a fresh new Firefox in the usual way. Then, rename the two folders you just made to something like 'new Mozilla Firefox' and 'new Mozilla'. Put the folders you backed up on a thumbdrive or whatnot, transfer them over to the proper place, and rename them to 'Mozilla Firefox' and 'Mozilla'.

There may be more efficient ways to do it, but this has not failed me yet.

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Windows Won

Mon, 2008-06-02 01:19

I was not able to boot a working instance of Linux. This is due only to the fact that I tend to buy computers without built in CD ROMs. It would be nice if the manufactures supported backwards compatibility, but hey I understand, you gotta pay to play. Everything is a tradeoff, and I chose traveling light.

This is a special note to all who wrote in and asked if I backed up my data. Perhaps that is a fair question. There may be great numbers who do not understand that FORMAT DISK means you will lose everything. It may be too much to ask for you to remember that I am not one of those. Just for the record, I am not fond of starting over from scratch. Even better, my business requires I keep track of stuff. Yeah, I BACKED IT ALL UP.

So, Windows XP it is. I am not ashamed of going with the path of least resistance. I have work to do tomorrow. I expect to get it done with a minimum of hassle, despite the reformat.

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Moment of Truth

Sun, 2008-06-01 19:49

Things have calmed down here a bit, any projects left unfinished have been pending long enough that a few more hours won't be noticed, and I am about to find out if my new laptop will be running Windows or Kubuntu.

I have all my files backed up to my external hard drive, and am even typing this on the older backup computer. The deciding factor will be if the target laptop will boot off my external DVD drive. If not, then Windows will be re-installed.

I am quite comfortable with reinstalling Windows and I feel like I can have everything running well in a very short time. I am less confident with Linux but I should be able to run all but a couple of my favorite programs. If I can get my printer to work then I will be happy.

One of the programs I rely on is proprietary and Windows only. I need it to update one of the websites I maintain. I feel lucky to have a backup computer to run it on.

Here goes nothing!

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When Words Fail You

Wed, 2008-05-21 23:44

Sometimes I wish I were a poet. Not just any kind of poet. I don't want to paint pretty pictures that remind you of a summer sunrise. I want to make a statement, but I want to couch it in a nice story. I want to write this story in such a way that most folks would say "oh, I get it", but the person that the story is about would cringe and just somehow know that they were the person the story is intended for.

Sorry to say, I am not that kind of a wordsmith. My writing is, at best, straightforward. There is nothing between the lines.

I am prepared to accept that nobody at all reads this blog. I have been tempted to utilize the therapeutic benefit of getting it all on paper. It would feel so good to tell what I know.

Basically, don't push me. I just may out you.

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How to Become Über Organized Using Google Calendar and Drupal

Wed, 2008-05-14 01:32

This is a trick I have been trying to pull off for years. The technology has been almost there or perhaps even all the way there for some time. I worked on perfecting my setup quite a bit, but maybe I quit right when the breakthrough was about to happen. No matter, the method works now and I am much closer to knowing where I am supposed to be at any particular minute.

The components I use for my particular level of organization, namely Drupal and Google Calendar, are not the only tools that will do the job. Any application that puts out an .ics file can play. When I first started to attempt this, there was no Google Calendar. I tried it using the calendar found at the Mozilla website; it is a standalone app. If you frequently find yourself without Internet access and needing to check your calendar then Sunbird may be just what you want. Many other applications use the standard iCal format and should work well.

The first step in the journey is to create a website for every organization you are involved with. It is important to use software that outputs the iCal format for events. Drupal does this, if you prefer another system that works as well, then by all means go for it. Maybe you are truly lucky and all your favorite groups already have a website that formats events in the iCal format. If so, skip to the next step.

Now you need to decide where you want to have the master calendar. As I mentioned before there are programs that will run on your computer and you can have a calendar that way. Personally it is much easier for me to set the Google Calendar as my home page and just use that one. I don't have to run a separate program, and besides, I dig the sexy interface. I will assume that you do, too, and I won't mention any other master calendar from here out.

So, you have your source calendar and your website, which is the source of the events. Assuming you do in fact use Drupal, you will see a little calendar-looking icon near the events part. When you click that, you will be prompted to download an .ics file. What you really want to do here is to right click and copy the link location (copy shortcut for IE).

Go back to your GCal and click Manage calendars in the lower left. You will then see a new screen. Hit Add calendar.

This screen has suggestions that you may add to your calendar. Be sure to come back later and add anything that appeals to you. Right now what you want to do is click Add by URL right next to the search box at the top. The next screen asks for the Public Calendar Address: and this is where you add the link from your website. The link will look like when taken from Drupal.

This is when the magic happens. If the leader of the organization is properly trained and suitably motivated, he will add the events to the website in a timely fashion. All you have to do is sit back and be updated.

If you are not so lucky, it is still well worth your while to track down the upcoming events and add them yourself. It is not difficult, after all.

You may want to add the holidays for your own particular area, and you can add even more calendars at iCalShare.

This could be the coolest feature of the Internet. Everyone understands it. It works. I like it.

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Drupal Development Dilemma

Tue, 2008-05-13 04:26

Drupal is a moving target.

That is kinda cool. The new stuff always blows me away.

The problem is never with upgrading core, it is in the modules. I just have to hope the modules I need will eventually be available. I always start out lean and mean, but the cool stuff seems to creep in. Still, that's fine if it is just me. If a feature goes away in the future, I will understand and forgive me.

It is different when I am setting it up for someone else. I do want to hand them something sexy, but at the very least I want it to be simple to use.

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