Who Is In Charge Here?

Sun, 2007-11-25 00:15

I really can't believe I managed to set myself up for a basic newb problem. The fact that the problem led into a street brawl does not even figure in. Catfights come with the territory, and while I do not back down, or lose, conflict or the lack thereof does not make something right or wrong.

The fact is, I dropped the ball.

I want to write this down because even if I never read this again the effort of putting it into words might be enough to make me remember in the future.

One important thing I want to take away from this is that if you plan something, it is important to assume that it will succeed. Humility is fine for individuals, but when you are acting as a business it may be best to count on the fact that you do in fact rock and plan accordingly. Especially if your business rocks.

I will throw something else out there, not because it will help, but only because the obvious must be stated: Think, doggoneya! There is no real point in building up knowledge and experience if you have no plan to use it.

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