When Just Getting It Done Is Not Enough

Thu, 2007-11-22 04:34

I finished up a very long term project today. It feels nice. I started out just about a year ago with a huge data file and no clue whatsoever. I spent much of last winter trying to fit my problem into a prefab solution. That is what I know how to do, and often I can modify a script just enough to suit my needs. The thing that finally came to my rescue was the release of Ubercart for Drupal™. It is no big secret how much I enjoy working with Drupal™, and my background with the software helped a lot in putting together such a bear of a project. I was able to modify a few modules to suit my needs, and after long days of hacking, searching and experimenting I can feel like I have something that works.

The funny thing was that I barely had a chance to draw a breath before my lack of fundamental knowledge came right up to hit me between the eyes. I am at a point where any study I can do will help me more than the work I could do instead. The work is piling up and will continue to do so, but hours spent toward understanding will save days of work later.

So, would you like to see the big project? It is at Row By Row Bookshop. Yes, I really was kidding about the finished part, there is still a lot to be done. Sure enough though, you can order a book and pay for it right here online. Please do me the courtesy of leaving a comment here if you see anything amiss. There is something about an e-commerce site that makes me reluctant to open it up for viewing, and I can't help but think I have the proverbial spinach in my teeth where all can see.

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