Who Choreographed This Event?

Sat, 2007-11-10 01:17

I really cannot believe that I am lame enough to have scheduled a laundromat session at the same time as this weeks Layer Tennis match. I mean, clean underwear is only important if you actually planned to wear any, right? And is this working for your self stuff not just a way to arrange your schedule around what you want to do?

Maybe it is just as well. I have not really had the time to spend 3 hours on fun this week. At least not during daylight hours...
If I had actually been here I am sure I would have been sucked in, to other people's detriment.

I really must get all this work down to a manageable level so I can catch next week's match. If there is anyone out there who thinks the end of match summary will suffice, I can tell you that you are wrong. The live action greatly enhances the experience.

I will get this work done. I will get this work done even if it involves buying a faster computer. I would like it if I did not need a faster computer, because waiting for delivery would be such a drag.

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