Same Old, Same Old

Thu, 2007-11-08 03:25

Those of you charting my progress will be happy to know that I have whittled my major emergencies down to one. Sure it is huge, and maybe not even an emergency since it has been pending a full year. Still, the parties involved want it by Thanksgiving. A project this big with any sort of deadline automatically becomes an emergency.

The emergencies I am claiming as quieted still have some details to be attended to. Nothing big, just a few details.

After that, maybe I can start on some of the things I want to do.

Problem is, the stuff I want to do ain't all that different from the emergencies I have been dealing with. True enough, I get a charge when I learn something useful, and I look forward to having people use what I build.

Not sure what an actual day off means. Even on officially sanctioned days off some planning has to be taken for meals. I am sure each of my regular days would qualify as a day off for someone...

Yeah, I do stay up late at night. A better person than I would say that is bad practice. Hard to fly with the eagles when you are up with the owls, they say. The problem is that I do not go right to sleep unless I have had a full day of physical labor. And I have not earned a living through brute force in a couple of years.

I could go upstairs and run the tape of everything in my life I have done in order to go so wrong. Or, I could stay here and enjoy mankind's greatest invention, Internet radio, and wait for somebody awesome to talk to. Someone shows up more often than not.

Accentuate the positive is what I say.

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