Long Way To Drive Just To Mop Floors

Fri, 2007-11-02 21:33

I participated in the discussion during the Layer Tennis match for the first time today. I realized at the time that I had about as much business being there as I would at a Munchkin audition, but as I am free, white and 21, and not nearly famous enough for them to know how graphically incompetent I am, I signed up in the hopes that a little participation would make the game more interesting. It did.

It was assumed I had followed the commentator there, but no, I came for the action. I am aware of Heather Armstrong and her blog, As I recall I checked it all out and did not find it to my tastes. I could be wrong. I did not say anything at the time, but this is my blog now. Nothing personal, Heather.

Meanwhile, back at the tennis, today's match was quite heated. I did not know during the actual match that the two competitors were close. The volleys seemed a bit over the top had they been strangers. There was name calling, sex, age discrimination and outright insults. I forced myself to keep the newb "me too" comments coming. I had fun.

About the title. That was how I answered when the kids asked if I would be applying for a job at the nearby Googleplex. Seemed to fit here, too.

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