Keeping My Head Above Water

Tue, 2007-10-23 23:09

I finally got all my websites updated to the newest Drupal release. I may have gotten it done a few days earlier, but I pulled my back something awful and it was only today that I could even think of tracking down all the different servers.

I got a pretty good idea of what I have during the updating process. I have a couple of websites still using the older and soon to be outdated version of Drupal, but updating the themes seems to be a simple process, so that should be quick.

I have a couple of shopping carts that need to be started or redone. One should be a simple copy/paste, the other will be an ongoing process, but should pay well...

Is it possible that I am approaching the slow season in a semi-caught-up fashion?

My site owner who has been getting the most attention lately is experiencing downtime. I am continually asking the same question: Would a VPS be more reliable or would I be just putting all my eggs in one very expensive basket? One thing is certain, I will need a lot more education to continue to do my job. More money would do equally as well, but let's get real here!

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Looks Great!

Wed, 2007-10-24 10:46
tinymeme's picture

It looks like you survived the update! Congrats.

Hey Thanks!

Wed, 2007-10-24 22:26

Drupal upgrades are not as scary as they used to be, especially without a version change, but it is good to have it over and done!

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