How To Build Your Website

Mon, 2007-10-01 01:16

Lots of people I know are starting to build websites, and lots more are wondering about moving into what I will call blog software. Sometimes for various reasons I wish I had stayed with static websites and uploaded each page manually, but when I remember the shopping carts and other features I need on various sites I am happy to have kept up with the times.

I use Drupal for everything, even for drop dead simple sites such as this one that would work just as well with Wordpress. I like using and learning a single system, and to me it is easier to enable fewer features when they are not needed. I started out using Movable Type and I was able to expand it in amazing ways. I could have done a better job had I understood a few things better. I am glad I moved to Drupal instead of learning to tweak Movable Type to the Nth degree. The learning curve was about the same, and I was able to join a community of folks interested in blogging plus many things beyond that.

Anything you do will be a challenge at some point. You can pay up front and learn a flexible system, or gradually expand on what you have. It is all good!

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