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Thu, 2007-05-17 01:00

So what would you like to know? I already have a website for my job, a website for my last job, a website for the town I live in, one to talk about gardening and one to talk about Drupal which is what I use to build my websites. I would list them all here but I have a portfolio website for that and I can't link there because it is not ready.

I live in a small, rustic mountain cabin with my husband, son, two cats, two rabbits, two cockatiels. I drive a pickup truck.

So far, apart from the proofreading/spellchecking ones, the comments I have gotten about this blog have been about the navigation, and I can't really remember any of them being too positive. The point of this website is to make a statement about how I see the world, not only in the sporadic posts but also in the way the website is set to work. Thing is, except for maybe the front page, this layout would work really well for me. I bet I could put up a killer splash page or even something useful and everyone would be happy. At least until they clicked through.

I know, I know, everybody wants to know which posts are most recent, but for the life of me I can't understand why. Maybe someone can explain it to me. I know when I am reading someone's blog and I get through the first page I usually have a list of months to choose from. I don't want to read about last March, I want to hear some more about your cat. There is only one reason blogs work that way. The reason is because blog software works that way. It is a case of acceptance through familiarity. I expect more.

I know not this has turned into an about blog section, instead of an about me. Maybe I will fix that when I tweak the layout to make things a little easier for you while you are here. The portfolio comes first, though.

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