Browser Flaws

Sat, 2007-02-17 03:53

Ain't it always the same, we get these notices about security such as the latest from Cnet just about every day. The trend here seems to be the phrase"malicious sites". Let me tell ya folks, I have the answer, This here website is not malicious in any way. Simply visit this site, and nothing bad will ever happen. If you like, you can post in the comments what what it is you were looking for and I will go and check it out, then report back what I saw. Your security is just that important to me.

Otherwise, just be careful out there. Don't be clicking on those random links. Know where you are going before you start. And, for goodness sakes don't just download any old thing. If the computer asks you to accept/decline then choose decline first and ask questions later. Know who to trust, and if you don't know or trust them, show them the door.

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