Where is that pesky HD

Tue, 2007-01-23 03:12

Curses, and I could easily do better than that, my Linux attempts are not really working out too well.

Now you must understand that I do recognise that somewhat modern equipment would perform oh so much better...and I do take into account that this particular laptop was severely dropped during delivery, and subsequently glued back together by yours truly, using substandard methods...


What do you mean, no OS found?

That seems to be a running theme in this here weblog.

I mean, the hard drive didn't seem to be all that hard to find during all that installization process.

Why wait until installation is complete to tell me there is a problem?

I swear I will install Windows just to see something. See if I don't. I know I must have a screw loose. Where might that one be?

tomorrow, maybe Fedora core 5, Maybe W98. Let the best man win.

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