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Thu, 2007-01-11 00:12

I have been interested in getting all my various calendars synchronized for quite some time now. I have had some success in adding my PDA schedule to my computer records, but the thing that interested me most was online calendars that could be subscribed to using another calendar. I have found a new toy to try out, the service at Zimbra. I tried out the online demo and much to my joy I was able to subscribe to a calendar on a Drupal site. This is the thing I have been waiting for: setting up Drupal sites for the organizations I belong to, and when the person scheduling the events enters it on the website I can expect my own personal calendar to be updated with all the upcoming events.

It looks like there are hosted packages available for Zimbra as well as a download. I would like to install it myself, and there is a free and paid version. I will need to poke around and see which is right for me.

Next up, I must see if there is a way for a Drupal site to subscribe to Google Calendar through the invite feature. After that. I must just get organized...

***update: this may be more that I wanted after all, it seems like a commitment sort of thing right when I am seriously thinking of dumping SUSE, and there is no BSD port. Maybe I try it, maybe I wait for the next guy to get that good. Seems like a nice product. though.

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