SUSE or the Highway

Sat, 2006-12-16 02:36

Well, I was not having the best of luck running Linux on the little laptop. PCBSD is real nice and all, but so is Windows XP and the latter also actually supports Flash. That is not the sort of thing I would have cared about until I got broadband, but now it is kinda nice.

Anyway, I found a good buy on a T series IBM laptop of about the same vintage as the other, and after just a little trial and error found that SUSE was the distro of choice for it.

The only painful aspect of SUSE so far is setting up Apache and friends to get a test server going, and I may not be done yet. I did switch over and make the Linux laptop my primary machine just aboout a week ago, and the transition was entirely uneventful. I have needed the XP machine mainly to access passwords I had moved over from my old computer. Were I only doing surfing/email/chat I may have never known the difference, but I also accomplished some fairly geeky tasks like converting a static website to a CMS and changing servers. Things were a little odd but it all happened nonetheless.

Perhaps the next step will be to boot the XP laptop into UNIX a little more often. PCBSD has some interesting database applications that may be useful, and it may well be a better platform for as test server than SUSE is turning out to be. I will still need XP for a few odd things such as accessing my Oregon Scientific camera. And of course for Photoshop.

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Freespire Linux, Etc.

Sat, 2007-01-20 07:16
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I use Win 98, with multi-layer defense, security through deep obscurity, etc. The Microsoft and Apple OSs are both proprietary and closed source. They will evolve as hardware evolves, and they will vanish when associated hardware becomes unavailable. Freespire, Debian-based Linux will keep up with technology very well, the only vague, potential issue being multi-threading innovations — an issue that is far from insurmountable. And since it is open source, one can always just recompile it so as to adapt to new hardware!


(Unlike, say, Ubuntu Linux, and SUSE Linux, it is not owned by a private company that might sell to Bill Gates!) (I have also resolved to learn the NEW version of compilable Perl, so I will have automated memory management, etc., and won't have to contend with endless C++ overflow viruses.)

Freespire Linux takes 2½ hours to download with DSL, but I could send you the CD-R.

I also need to stop my obsessive political blogging to stop the Idiot Bush from starting WW III and get going on my linguistics site!

I am ready for a change again

Sat, 2007-01-20 12:15

I will keep an eye on Freespire but at the moment there is no server software available for it. I admit the Novell/Microsoft deal made me think twice about installing SUSE, but I decided to leave the high road for those with a clue. Probably not too much danger of lockin if I am going to switch OS every month or so anyway.

There is a new version of PCBSD out that claims to solve all the problems I was having. I think it would be perfect if only I could get it to install. I think it would be worth downloading a new iso and trying again. There is also a newer version of SUSE and I might try that as a second choice. After that, maybe Fedora or anything I can get my hands on. I am really not that picky, and in a perfect world I would learn more about what I was doing instead of jumping around so much.

I still have W98 on my desktop and I don't boot that up too often but I can run Apache just fine on that.

**I got PCBSD to boot, reading reminded me to unplug my USB hub. YeeHaw!

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