Happy Birthday

Fri, 2006-12-08 14:51

This weblog is one year old today, or at least I assume so since I have personally been a member for 52 weeks and one hour. Since I usually join a website immediately at installation I feel it is fairly accurate.

Actually, the birthday of the domain was much earlier, Whois states:

Created: 10-Jun-2004

I don't think anybody will accuse me of rushing into this.

Plans for the new year include a move to a different server. I probably will not attempt a Look-and-Feel overhaul but you never know. The present design was arrived at rather scientifically: I was playing around in Photoshop, came up with this, and thought I had never seen anything similar. So I used it.

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I visit your blog and you are moving it? heh.

Tue, 2007-01-23 11:59
Elaine's picture

I decided it was time to visit. I don't have much time to comment on other blogs anymore...you can see how busy I am.

But I do hope you keep it up. People think they can't be worth the effort if there are few readers. This merely means you aren't 'visible' via google and other things.

One thing I do suggest is to have a boring opening page, namely, it should lay out the layout of your domain without any guesswork. Too fancy/too obscure is a problem. I click on things so I found this page but making it accidental means you lose potential readers.

This is why my front page has summaries so people can get information without going through a longer read. They get everything right off the bat. People have to be realllllly motivated to click through to a second page.

According to my own stats, about 65% of my visitors click through more than one page, sometimes the statistics rise all the way to 2.7 pages per visit which is considered very, very high in the internet business.

I hope you don't mind me saying this. People are often upset when told information. I just want everyone to have successful blogs! And if you move, move FAST. The more you dally here, the harder it is to move. I was forced to move when Blogger screwed up my blog, and Blogger also CENSORED me at Bush's request. That pissed me off no end.

All good points

Wed, 2007-01-24 01:12

and Thanks for the encouragement. It sometimes is a big. lonely blogosphere out there.

Don't worry, though, I have already moved this blog twice since I wrote the parent post. It is so very important to own your content, but I also understand that not everyone is interested in installing a blog system.

You are not the first to comment on the "bit too clever" home page/navigation system. The truth is, I am not going for readership here as much as I am making a statement. I will no doubt elaborate on the point I am trying to prove sometime in the future. I will say that I am enjoying this experiment very much. Especially when folks tell me things. How else would I know?

Gosh Elaine,

Thu, 2007-01-25 00:49

I forgot to ask you the one question that not only I but also both my avid readers are dying to know...



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