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Wed, 2006-08-02 00:07

As chief buying agent for the family, I sometimes have to boldy go and order stuff who have the bucks and don't want the aggravation. This is pretty cool: control in any for is gotta be good, and we don't want those significant others getting all web savvy on us and maybe catching on to all the fun we are having. Or maybe having fun themselves..

Anyhoo, this official buying agent status puts you in direct contact with companies that deal primarily with print catalog orders. Sure, you can phone in the order, but that is such a nightmare of holding/language barrier/upselling torture that would frighten even the most patient of shoppers.

I was in for quite a pleasant suprise when the reciepient of my proxied shopping dollars, Harbor had a special little popup where I could enter the print caatalog numbers provided by the interested party. My little list of items grew and success seemed within reach.

One item is out of stock. Should I accept a half size larger pully or a double in the desired size? The expert is safely asleep.

Obviously this will just have to wait until tomorrow. This is where my beef comes in. Can't I save my nice little list in a wish list and come back later? Guess not. I don't even spend time trying, and close the browser.

**Note to self** If a wish list function is available, start with that and allow folks to move to the shopping cart later. Don't make them start over from scratch if the first try falls flat.

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