I <3 My G-mail

Fri, 2006-03-10 17:39

I have a g-mail account. The spam filters might be a little aggressive, but they do catch all of the bad stuff. I check the folder sometimes just to make sure none of the good stuff fell in there by mistake. Now I remember all the bad press the contextual ads got because of privacy issues, but the ads themselves are fairly unobtrusive. I forgot they were even there until today when I checked my spam folder. Right at the top was this message:

Spam Fajitas - Serves 8, add extra salsa if desired

I refreshed the page and got:

Spam Skillet Casserole - Broil until golden

Now it is all ruined for me, and I will have to start reading the silly things.

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In Related News...

Thu, 2006-05-11 23:34

I saw this ad on a blog, it was a blog about blogging:

Free Adwords For Sale
Top terms
Rock bottom prices
All words must go!


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