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Wed, 2006-02-15 12:48

It has always been my philosophy that carrying around lots of heavy camera equipment will earn you a reputation as a fine photographer, especially since hardly anyone asks to see the photos later. It is easy enough to pass around one or two clear examples as the best of the lot. You really don't have to state how bad the culls actually were. In my early days I aquired a standard 35mm camera and a huge zoom/macro lends which also meant I had to carry around a large, bulky tripod to even use the thing. I looked marvelous. I have since switched to digital, but I did manage to find a filter holder for the lense that makes the camera much more imposing. People tell me I have a fine looking camera, and I smile and say thanks.

I never realized the harm in this type of deception until I was asked to photograph someone's wedding. Finances were an issue and I knew it would be me or nothing at all, so I agreed. Fortunately an ace photographer showed up from out of town and agreed to take over with the film camera. I was able to outdo my self with 3 or 4 clear shots with the digital.

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