The Sad Story Continues...

Sat, 2006-01-28 17:32

Once again, my computer failed to recognise the hard drive, this time for several days straight. I took the computer all apart and made sure the connections from the drive to the mother board and power supply were secure, put it all back together, but the results were the same. Lucky for me, my son's room resembles a supply closet from a computer chop shop, and he was able to quickly find a spare connector cable for me to try. Meanwhile, all this lifting and shifting is really getting to my back, especially the part about doubling over the compute to screw things into the backside. The importance of many of my peripherals such as printer and local network begins to plummet. No matter, the problem was not with the cable.

Day Two. I manage to borrow a spare hard drive from my son on an extremely short-term basis. I had never removed a hard drive from a computer before, but having nothing to lose is very empowering. I popped the new one in, powered up, and the drive showed up just fine. It wouldn't boot, my hardware was too different from last boot, but it seemed to prove that the problem was with the drive. I put the old drive back in, put in an order for a new Seagate Barracuda, booted up with a live Linux CD and enjoyed a few rounds of Gems Game.

Today. My new hard drive has been shipped, it should be here Tuesday. That works out great for me since I have the day off on Wednesday. Also, my old drive has decided to work again. Perhaps it will function as a backup drive.

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Just Some "Thoughts"

Thu, 2006-07-13 04:01
land lubber

From rkj

Hot-damn! You scarfed up ' antigrammar dot com ' a week or two before I did! So I am doing my linguistics thingy at ' anti-grammar dot com '!!!

I don't know all that much about 'puters, but do harbor a few notions that might relate.

Starting off with no OS, a modern BIOS will probably run a CDRW. Now, your motherboard should presumably come with a CD that will plant its drivers on your HD.

If your HD has those motherboard drivers on it, you should presumably be able to then install an OS.

I'm using windows. But would much rather be using Debian Linux. But maybe I would partition a blank drive with "swissknife" first (a second 'puter using windows would be needed to run it).

But really, I don't know excrement about this stuff. Maybe a little prayer will help.

Wow RKJ,

Mon, 2006-07-17 23:27

Sure didn't mean to steal your thunder. Had this domain so long I can't even remember how I thought of it. I was probably playing with one of those name suggestion tools and found it that way and said Duh Huh, Antigrammar that's gotta be me.

Nice forum you have there, I noticed it a while back when I was stumbling around. Would have looked around a little but classes were mentioned and then my brain crashed.

Speaking of crashes I did get this old computer working by buying a new hard drive. It seems to do ok now but I am not too impressed with it. I am trying to convince my husband I bought a lemon so I can get a nice little laptop and install Slackware. Or anything with lots of pictures.

On this one I have W?? and SuSE. Linux does great until I try the emulator I can just never remember to boot into that. I'll just get a wild hair one day and change the boot order, then I will be stuck, right?

Boot CDs are the bomb, and a Linux live version has saved my lasagna more than once, or at the very least given me a clue as to whether it was an OS or hardware failure. More on that later perhaps, failure is so integral to my nature it deserves it's own blog post.

Anyway, thanks so much for stopping by and I hope your classes go really well and you attain success.

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