I Am Too Cool For School

Sun, 2007-12-30 15:46

This is an example of an incorrect error message:

facebook screenshot

The full text, for those of you not using widescreens, is:
Sorry, we're not cool enough to support your browser. Please keep it real with one of the following browsers:

It is interesting that they listed some pretty cool browsers and no uncool ones, but in the next screenshot you can tell that I have a completely different problem:

facebook screenshot

Yep, that's Firefox. Sure, it renames itself randomly every day, but that's not what they are whining about. I am pretty sure it would all work if I enabled JavaScript.

Interested geeky types may want to click through to a screenshot of my dual monitor setup. The top screen is my secondary monitor showing the new killer app Prism. It is basically a browser that is tied to a single website. There are lots of reasons why this would be useful, one being that it may relieve some of the security concerns surrounding Facebook.

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