Tis The Season

Sat, 2007-12-22 01:34

The whole big 'Net is starting to empty out. Travel and parties all take a front seat to gabbing online. I see that as a Very Good Thing, and it is also nice that there is a whole wide web here for those of us with Nothing Special planned.

It really is a different feeling when you log in on a major holiday. You can actually feel the emptiness. The city is all lit up, the drone waiters are ready to take your order, but the feeling of automation is all too real. A hollow echo.

The closest parallel I can draw to my real life is back when I was young and ran a retail store. I would go in early and let myself in. The potential energy was huge. Just me now, but in a few hours there would be masses of humanity seeking stuff. Energy in the making.

The thing I want is to do is give a big round of applause to the ones who run cleanup. You come in when the energy has degraded to a bazaar. You may or may not have something better to do, but circumstances require you to be right there. I do hope that the spirit is there for you, and that good things are in store.

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