How I Tamed OpenID

Sat, 2007-12-15 23:14

I posted yesterday of my trials with OpenID. I have a happier story today. I do not know if I was having a blond or senior moment yesterday, but I also do remember having problems in the past.

There are a couple of reasons I want to figure this thing out. The first is that I think it will be an important part of the future Internet and I do hate to be left behind. For example, if it catches on big time and yet somehow is able to suppress spammers, I would require a sign in to post on this blog. I am too cynical to expect that to happen, but boy would that be nice.

The other more immediate reason I wanted to get this thing in line is that Blogger has just started allowing OpenID as an option for commenting on Blogger blogs. Of course I have a Blogger ID, and in days gone by I would just use that to sign in with. Recently I became annoyed with the entire situation and just decided that anybody who did not care enough about their own ideas to get a real website was not worth my time. Usually I try to hide the fact that I am an elitist snob, but really, some of you people write real smart like and buying a domain and installing WordPress ain't exactly brain surgery...

Back to the topic at hand. Now that I have run off all the non-techie types I can tell you what I did to make myself so pleased. I now use this very URL as my OpenID. It works too, I went right out and commented on a couple of Blogger blogs, entered as my open ID URL, and everything went smooth as silk. I was taken to my OpenID server, which is different from my OpenID URL. That was an extra step for sure, but for me it was pretty cool because I got to choose which persona was submitted to the site. Maybe you have a simple life and have no need for this, but I find I must balance the serious and educated side of me with the all out party animal you see here. This thing actually makes it easier.

So let me tell you how I did it.

I use Drupal, which is awesome enough to provide a module for this sort of thing. I uploaded the thing and it did take me a couple of minutes to find my identity server and all, but after that I just hit save and I am done. Thing is, I feel kinda cheaty like because it is not hard to do this even without a special module. The instructions are all laid out at the Delegation page at OpenID and it just calls for a couple of lines in the head of your template. Easy Peasy.

Today my experience with OpenID was easy and useful. I don't know the advantage from the linky love standpoint of using my own URL to comment on Blogger, because both weblogs had moderation enabled. Poor folks. Have a little self respect, will ya?

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