Distributed Authentication Should Be A 4-Letter Word

Fri, 2007-12-14 02:36

Actually right now, I am doing a little cussing.

I got me an OpenID in order to join Zooomr which is a nice little photo storage system. At the time Zooomr required OpenID in order to set up an account, or maybe I just thought it was a fun thing to do, so I went right out and got me one. Never used it for anything else.

Thing is, if I want to know my OpenID URL maybe to reference this post or if I want to log into Zooomr, I gotta look for the sucker. Not an easy task, either. I suppose a sane person would bookmark it, but we don't do things that way around here. I am going now to attempt to log in to Zooomer with my OpenID, and maybe count how many steps it takes. BRB.

OK. So I went to Zooomr, guessed perhaps correctly which of my many online aliases I had used to set up OpenID, choice of servers was easy because they offer only 3 examples. I am then presented with a screen saying I need to log into OpenID. Boys this is getting complicated here.

So I see they have suggestions as to how I might log in. I (for the love of what is precious) Copy and then PASTE an URL into my browser. Turns out I am right and I am able to sign into OpenID.

So now what? I am signed into my OpenID server. Am I signed into Zooomer too? That was the point of the exercise right? Nope. Zooomr says: Uh-Oh, verification has failed. Please try again. But baby I am really signed in. Really. Would a browser refresh help or do I need a new tab? How did I do this last time?

OK, tried again and I am in baby. I feel good.

Thing is, Drupal has had this sort of thing for years. This frightened me at first, I figured every spammer would set up a Drupal and log in and do their thing. I was wrong. Spammers are too stupid to set up Drupal. It was more like a private club: HAHA I has Drupal ID so I am verified. nice

The Good Old Boys Club is now closed, as the next release of Drupal only supports OpenID. It is for the greater good I am

There is a writeup of things to come at gigaom have a writeup on one option. Let's hope it does not ultimately become platform specific. I have seen how good it can be. Let's make it universal.

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open id is confusing

Fri, 2007-12-14 15:25
tinymeme's picture

I have an Open ID that I don't use. I didn't want to read the instructions on how to use it and all.

I hear ya

Sat, 2007-12-15 11:10

I am looking into how to use this site as my OpenID URL, hopefully that will let me skip a step. I will let ya know.

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