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Tue, 2007-12-11 21:33

In contrast to my real life, I seem to be something of a joiner. I always like to see what new things are being created and give them a try. I am listed as Old Skool on flickr, had my gmail account back when they gave out invites 5 at a time, and had a Wordpress.com address while they were still being sold on E-Bay. Add closed private beta to any site and I am right there asking for an invite.

A the moment I can hand out invites to a few of the new sites on the web. I got swamped over the weekend for invites to Wallop and there seems to be no end to the supply. If you would like an invite, simply leave a comment here and I will send one right off. Be sure and leave a working email! Smiling I also have 27 invites to Pownce and 5 to Streamy.

All these sites are interesting for different reasons, but I do most of my networking right at the good old IconBuffet. I invite you to join me there, too.

**EDIT: If you think I may be away from the computer or asleep (ha) or just can't stand the thought of giving me your email, there is a service at InviteShare that allows people to rewuest invites and have them filled. They even have some sites listed that I have never heard of. How did that happen?

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