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Sun, 2007-12-09 01:09

I feel like I have been working very hard lately. I am glad you are not able to see me as I write this, because sometimes my work does not appear to the onlooker to be all that strenuous, but to me it is pushing the mental envelope. I am in a situation now where I have a large complicated project that is way past due along with many smaller projects that are beginning to be past due. Today I took a break and cruised some personal blogs.

I can take this sort of thing off of my taxes because it is important research into what works on a website and what does not. It is one thing to read about standards on all the fancy websites, but what really drives the lesson home is experiencing frustration or convenience up close and personal. I am going to put a few of today's highlights up lest I fall back into the specter of work at this hour.

I am not too concerned with the design elements of the blogs I visit, I am there for the story. I do very much enjoy attractive designs but I would rather see a poorly executed original design than a stock template. I do know how to turn styles off altogether if a blog is completely unreadable, and if the story is any good I will subscribe in a feed reader. Problem solved. The only possible exception to this may be white text on a black background. This particular design choice tricks me into thinking it is legible, but after a short time my head hurts, my eyes quit focusing, and I need to take a break. I won't debate that maybe I should get up and move around more, but I doubt the designer had my well being in mind when the decision was made. I am able to read a little longer if the contrast is not so strong, say if an almost white is used for the text and a very dark grey is used as a background, but only if the font-weight is set to something a little heavier than the standard issue. This only delays the pain, though. Having said all that, I wonder if my green text is offensive to anyone?

The one thing that is a show stopper for me is a dead end page. For some reason templates will sometimes take away the sidebar when you click over to the individual page. Lost at sea! Nothing to do but hit the back button. A block with most recent or most popular posts would be great here, related posts would work well, anything to let me read more. I am looking at my own treatment of this situation while I write this, and it looks like it could use some tweaking. I think having the recent comments is a good idea, but it would be much better if the main post was listed instead of the comment title. I think people tend to gather at a post that has a lot of interaction.

Another thing I like to see on a blog is a modest blogroll. I can't stay on a single blog forever, and a suggestion or two about where to go next is always welcome. Not to many, as the choices might overwhelm me, just a nice selective list. This is something I really need to work on for this blog, but in the meantime you can add a link to your blog for free by adding a comment here. The very next person to read this may well be frantic to leave, and my loss could be your gain!

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You know why I came.

Tue, 2007-12-11 21:32
Mouseclone's picture

I was reading though your blog on the main page and then scrolled back up to the top, because I was skimming. I always skim until something catches my eye. Quite honestly the only thing that really caught my eye was the fact that you write your blogging off on taxes. That makes me think that I can do the same thing since I do it for income as well, even though it is not a lot of income right now.

Also for some buzz words for this post: Do you use Drupal for your blog? I noticed the "node" in the address bar.

Those 2 sentences should have some good buzz words in there. BTW, you have a very clean and well laid out website. I hope that mine was not to cluttered when you visited it. Who know, maybe they will visit my blog when they are done with yours.

Rabid Drupal User Here - Beware

Tue, 2007-12-11 22:51

And I do know I should use prettier URLs, current theory holds that it does help in the SE results! Nevertheless, I don't plan to make money with this blog, but it helps me to write my observations down while they are fresh. The tax writeoff is mostly theory right now, more like you don't make any money you don't pay taxes, that sort of thing.

Actually, your blog reinforces my notion of the heavier text weight. I did notice and appreciate the colors, but reading was not painful at all. I think you should be pleased with your layout, and yes everyone should rush over to Mouseclone before it's too late. Smiling

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