Group Blog Hug Time!

Fri, 2007-11-30 23:56

I have been a web feed junkie for some time now. I subscribe to the blog feeds of local celebrities, big sites like /., people I know, and even my own wiki so I can squash the spammers as soon as possible. I also subscribe to blogs that deal with subject matter I am interested in, or written by folks whose style I enjoy. I would never remember to visit most of these blogs individually, and usually only visit a blog to comment.

A new service called RSSHugger promises to make it easier for me to find blogs that I like. It is a directory arranged by category, human edited to weed out the spam, and it seems to be growing at about a rate of maybe 10 new blogs a day. We will see if the editor can keep up the pace if this thing really takes off. Smiling

This was designed to be a paid listing, but for now you can get your blog in the directory for free if you write a review and give a link. So here we go. I am sure I will let you know if I get in and the viral marketing strategy works.

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