February, 2008

A Tip For All My Fellow White People

Wed, 2008-02-27 13:26

I am sorry to have to admit this, but I am a white person. WASP was my acronym even before the Internet(s) came along. I do have a cousin with brown eyes, but I think that comes from the other side of the family. Mostly we are just all white in my family.

Imagine my joy when Stick Figure Lis turned me on to this great new website Stuff White People Like. It is just wonderful to read about the trends involving folks just like me. Well, maybe not exactly like me, because I am more of a rural mountain white person than anything else, but that is cool because I get to feel superior about living in an 'authentic neighborhood' and stuff.

The thing that made me most proud was the endorsement of the metal water bottle.
I have one myself as you see here: bottle Sure, it is not a fancy one with a logo like you see on the other site, but I can fill it with pure natural mountain well water any time I like and enjoy that nice saved the planet feeling. I mean, of course I recycle, but reusable is so much better, don't ya think?

Anyway, I promise to feel superior any time I see someone drinking out of one of those expensive plastic water bottles. I need to remember to carry my metal bottle around more so I can look superior too. You just know it's right.

Tune in next week for a photo series depicting my quest for the perfect travel coffee mug. I promise it will be worth your while.

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I’ve Found Myself A Good Horse

Mon, 2008-02-25 02:13

Well, folks, I don't know if I intended to turn this into a series or not, but last Sunday's post was such an overwhelming success I just have to try it again. I also have a few less pain pills in me this week (no I don't want to talk about it) so maybe I will be alert enough to do a better job this week. I also plan to stay awake long enough to do the obvious thing one should do when writing a post such as this one: Click Through The Links Myself so that maybe people will actually know I am linking to them. Those little details matter.

And so, without any further hype, I bring you the top websites who sent me traffic in the past seven days, as listed in my referrer logs.

Bryan Ruby
Bryan's CMS Report was by far my top referrer this week, and with due cause. Bryan took no chances and plastered my name all over his site. If you hurry you can still see me right there at the top of the featured stories with a link leading to Karen Bauman: All you need is love. I have never felt so famous in my entire life. Just Wow.


ROTUS sent me visitors this week in addition to checking me out from his own referral logs. Yeah, I can tell the difference. Thanks for reading my other post, too. ROTUS also has a couple of other blogs, including Clark's Picks. This blog features excellent and rare music video found on the web. Good stuff.

Dyre Portents

This week's third entry comes to us in sort of a roundabout way. It would appear that I wound up in the referral logs over there, my blog was added to the sites that link here blogroll, people were enticed to click over here putting that blog in my referral logs, and so on and so on. I don't mean to lure folks here under false pretenses, and I don't have a clue about politics, so if you came here seeking my views you best just click the link right above this paragraph and try again somewhere else.

I hear Hillary uses Windows Server. Ewwww.

Saved by Jesus

Tony's Open Diary gets listed here as a result of a rather interesting story. Turns out he set a goal to visit at least 1,000 Entrecard Member sites before the end of February. My blog was #964. Thanks for not giving up, Tony, and thanks to anyone who found my blog name interesting enough to pick out of a very long list!

Fighting with Writing

Tam writes in a very entertaining manner about things that should interest everyone. Things like laundry. I love it when a guy talks laundry. Turns out, Tam has this blog listed right in his sidebar as one of the Blogs of the Month. Such an awesome responsibility, and with the month almost over I feel that I have dropped the ball somehow. Well, life gets in the way sometimes. I hope you come back anyway. I am sure you will win your fight.

Ramblings of an Undisturbed Mind

A virtual Russian Roulette of topics ranging from helpful blog reviews to cow teats. Really. Check it out.

Tieson Trowbridge

I read the code examples, it all makes sense, then when I go and look at code it makes sense in a way, too. But will I ever actually write code? Dunno, but this website has helped me understand more of the theory.

In addition to having a link in the sidebar, Tieson has me listed on the credits page under "Web site testing and layout consulting". How cool is that?

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Do You Blog For Love Or Money?

Fri, 2008-02-22 05:11

I am often over at Ben Barden's site checking out his "blogging and website tips without the jargon". Today's post bore the affirming title "I don't make money online. You don't have to either!" Seems these days blogging is all about monetizing and ad placement. I am certainly not against making money with a blog, even though I have no plans in that direction myself. The first thought that entered my head when I read that line was the reaction of the Blogosphere in general to the first advertisement ever spotted on a blog. It seems like only yesterday that everyone was up in arms about their credibility being ruined over a few sellouts. Perhaps the disaster was averted by the majority deciding to accept adverts all at the same time. Looks like I missed a memo.

No doubt the question begging to be answered is why someone would put time into a blog with no hope of a return. Ben Barden states in his post:

"I started this blog simply because I enjoy helping people. I want more people to give blogging a try. I want people to worry less about the technicalities and more about what they're going to write today.
If I can achieve that goal, then that's what counts. Any money I may make from blogging would be a nice bonus, but I'm not going to stop blogging if I never make another cent."

That's a great motivation to me, and I would also be happy if someone found my blog useful. That is not really my focus, however.

The thing is, I am expected to do a lot of writing in my real job. It is important to me to improve my writing skills, and hopefully it will be helpful if I just write as often as possible. It is certain that there are many more opportunites for those who can communicate effectively. I don't know if readers can detect any improvement, but I can tell a big difference, especially in my comfort level.

So folks, I can hope my efforts here will pay off for me even if I never decide to run any ads. Are there ways your blog is useful beyond it's cash value? If so, leave a comment!

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All You Need Is Love

Mon, 2008-02-18 01:02

I have noticed a trend on various blogs to have a special Sunday post linking to some of the better articles written throughout the week. I think this is a fine practice and I would like to try that someday. Unfortunately, however, I am feeling

  • far too lazy
  • much too self centered

to go to that much trouble. I am going to go through my referral logs instead and tell you all who it was that sent me traffic during this past week. Anyone reading this who wishes to be listed here in weeks to come, well, I think you know what to do.

Daily Cup Of Tech
Tim Fehlman has an awesome blog and I am still reaping the benefits from a comment I made there eons ago. He writes in a clear and readable fashion about things that are both way over my head and highly practical. This fellow really knows his stuff and I suggest you check it out.

Ramblings of an Undisturbed Mind

Beth writes about geeky and girly stuff in such a way that I can't help to comment. This weeks referral comes from a comment I made on a post involving unwanted hair. I really must remember to through out some beauty tips here from time to time, that sort of thing does seem to work.

Geeks Never Sleep

Everyone wants a protege. We less than stellar types only get to enjoy that sensation for a few weeks, tops. You do well, Grasshopper.


I have no idea who this person is or why they would be sending me traffic. Seems to be a legitimate site, though. I skip over the obviously fake referrals but this one is something I can't explain.


I am always amazed at the quality of people I come in contact with. Bryan Ruby has built a resource that I rely on for news that I care about. The cream always rises to the top, right?

Bald Guy Brew

I can't decide here. This is someone from Real Life. A Totally Awesome human being. I just wish he would accept my help with the podcast thing...


Smart guy. He don't send me traffic as much as he checks out what I might be saying about him at the moment.

So, there ya go, minus the spam. I have some real good friends. I hope you enjoy checking them out.

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Finding Your Niche

Sun, 2008-02-10 18:27

Many of the articles offering blogging tips suggest that bloggers choose a topic of interest and then try not to stray too often from the chosen subject. This approach is likely more valuable to those who wish to monetize their blogs, and I have never tried to stick to a single topic or theme on this blog.

On the other hand, Google's opinion of this site seems to imply that I do have a very broad topic going, computer operating systems. I wonder if that will change much as time goes on.

My favorite result is the fourth at the time of this writing, and seems to be unrelated. The blurb reads thusly:

"I am a leader by default, only because nature does not allow a vacuum." Bishop Desmond Tutu.

I wonder what I ever said that would make Google associate that quote with me. Perhaps that is my fortune cookie for the day.

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Verify a Site

Sun, 2008-02-10 16:24

This is my verification page for Google Webmaster Tools. I hope you like it.

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More Facebook Scandal...

Sat, 2008-02-09 21:15

...in which we debate if people who can't read should bother with the Internet.

There is not a real big lot of shocking new info here, but the folks over at news.com have published a big expose on the way Facebook works, so I guess I will just comment on it over here. Click on through for the whole story, or stay here and skim through what I picked up when I skimmed through their article.

  1. You sign up for Facebook, and in the process agree to give Faceboook full rights to whatever info you enter there.
  2. You add an application, and Facebooks asks you if it is ok for the application to access your information. The application must have access to your profile in order for you to add it. This includes access to everything you have entered on your profile. All of it.
  3. The application takes all your information over to their servers. That's what it means when Facebook tells you that the app was not written by Facebook.
  4. The developers of the application delete your information when they are done with it, just like they promised Facebook they would.

Now folks, this is pretty much how the Internet works. Sure, there are different levels of privacy. This very weblog is an example of zero privacy. Anything written here will be crawled, cached, parsed, and archived for years to come. Sensitive data such as credit card numbers is kept much more closely. Facebook is somewhere in between in that it only releases the data to certain parties. Just as it said it would.

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If The Shoe Fits...

Fri, 2008-02-08 20:53

I don't really expect anyone that I know in real life to read this. Anyone else who happens to read it probably won't know what I am talking about. That is fine with me because I read a lot of things on various blogs that I don't understand. The thing is that if you do know what I am talking about, and think that maybe I am talking about you, then I probably am. I don't really see much point in telling you any of this to your face, and I don't think any less of you for holding your opinions, but if you came here expecting to see my personal opinion you will not be disappointed this time.

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Worth a Thousand Words...

Fri, 2008-02-01 18:36

Or ten years, whichever comes first.

Anyway, I have photos of the new baby in the house. In this first one, we see Fang, the three and a half pound rabbit showing his default screen:

screaming laptop

This next shot shows Fang being supported by Lucy, an x23 and the very best that 2002 had to offer. As you can see Fang is missing just a bit of the wrist support space:

It's all good.

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