Moment of Truth

Sun, 2008-06-01 19:49

Things have calmed down here a bit, any projects left unfinished have been pending long enough that a few more hours won't be noticed, and I am about to find out if my new laptop will be running Windows or Kubuntu.

I have all my files backed up to my external hard drive, and am even typing this on the older backup computer. The deciding factor will be if the target laptop will boot off my external DVD drive. If not, then Windows will be re-installed.

I am quite comfortable with reinstalling Windows and I feel like I can have everything running well in a very short time. I am less confident with Linux but I should be able to run all but a couple of my favorite programs. If I can get my printer to work then I will be happy.

One of the programs I rely on is proprietary and Windows only. I need it to update one of the websites I maintain. I feel lucky to have a backup computer to run it on.

Here goes nothing!

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