How to Back Up Firefox

Sat, 2008-06-07 23:54

It's probably just a little sad, the way I rely on Firefox. It is my interface to the rest of the planet, and over the years I have collected links and bookmarklets and lots of neat things. It's like my own personal Swiss army Knife for the web. I could probably recover in time if I lost it all and had to start over. Let's hope I never have to.

I have kept the same install of Firefox going for at least 4 years over quite a few computers. I have only used Windows 98 and XP, but I see no reason why you can't adapt this to your own OS.

There are two folders to be backed up in my fast and dirty backup of Firefox. The first, and easiest to find, is in C:\Program Files. There should be a folder there called Mozilla Firefox. Right click on that folder and select copy. Right click again and hit paste. After a second or two you should have a brand new folder named Copy of Mozilla Firefox.

Now for the tricky part.

The folder you are now looking for may be in different locations depending on your setup. It is most definitely somewhere in C:\Documents and Settings\. In my case, it is located in C:\Documents and Settings\(username)\Application Data with (username) being the name you log into Windows with. The folder you are looking for is named Mozilla.

Do exactly the same copy/paste operation as you did before. It is important this time that you do not have Firefox running while you do this. If you get the error message, simply rename your new folder 'bad Copy of Mozilla' and come back later.

Now let's say you have a brand spanking new computer and a familiar install of Firefox. Go ahead and install a fresh new Firefox in the usual way. Then, rename the two folders you just made to something like 'new Mozilla Firefox' and 'new Mozilla'. Put the folders you backed up on a thumbdrive or whatnot, transfer them over to the proper place, and rename them to 'Mozilla Firefox' and 'Mozilla'.

There may be more efficient ways to do it, but this has not failed me yet.

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