What Is The Price Of Spam Prevention?

Mon, 2008-04-07 01:41

Spam is a huge problem. I easily get a couple of hundred spam emails in a day. It is also a problem on websites that accept user input, such as this one. There is nothing sadder than a guestbook or comment section that is overrun with spam. The reason that this happens is that one poor human with a real life cannot compete with millions of spam producing robots. It gets worse when the site becomes a group site. After a while, you get kinda of a knack for spotting bogus registrations. ALLCAPS is a clue, that one is a real human. Usually it takes a look at the email address to sort the miscreants and the n'er-do-wells.

This sort of thing takes some time. Personally, I like it. It gives me pleasure to squash spammers like they was bugs. Problem is, it is not real-time.

I want my users to experience instant acceptance.

It is looking like some sort of reputation system may be the answer. Question is, how much are you willing to submit to a third party in order for this to work? Are you willing to have a single online identity?

As an administrator, I have to know this. Or guess.

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Captchas Don't Bother Me Too Much

Thu, 2008-04-10 17:14
Foolery's picture

Hi Karen!

I'm used to having to fill in captcha codes, and it doesn't bother me too much. Some are worse than others, though; Typepad's captchas are especially difficult and often require two, even three times before my comment is accepted.

The only thing I really don't like -- and won't wait for -- is a site you have to register with in order to comment. Unless I'm REALLY interested (know the host, plan to become an active participant, etc.) I give up and leave.

Hope this helps!

-- Laurie @ Foolery

Yes, imput helps,

Fri, 2008-04-11 22:23

I just object to capchas on moral grounds. It may be unreasonable, but I don't want my visitors to prove they are humans if I can help it.

There have also been capchas broken lately, most notably at Gmail. I am not sure if there have been software improvements or investments in cheap human labor.

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