Is It Time To Wake Up?

Mon, 2008-03-10 05:16

For some odd reason I was just thinking about the restaurant I worked at many years ago. The lady who owned the place is quite the character to put it mildly. Every day the job was entertaining, but usually not in a good way.

The owner seemed to see me as an interesting little pet because although I would show up on time and do what needed to be done, I could not be bribed, bullied, shamed or provoked to anger. No doubt she considered me to be a bit on the slow side. The experience was outrageous.

I want to tell you about one particular shift I worked. I was running the cash register. That kinda puts me in charge, but being the village idiot not really, it is more like the folks who are in charge aren't here right now. Not like nobody at all is in charge, but kinda. Not to worry, I can handle this. Try me.

Anyway, my shift ended without incident. I went home.

This was during the time that the owner thought it might be a good idea to stay open 24-7. I am not sure it worked out all that well, but that was what was going on at the time of this story.

I get a phone call at maybe 3am:

owner: "Where's the money"
me: "I dunno, where did you tell me to put the money?"

This is not a small chunk of change I may add.

I tell her where I put the money. She sends someone to look for it.

owner: "Did you hide it?"
me: "I dunno. Did you tell me to hide it?"

We wait.

owner: "Is it time to wake up?"
me: "don't think so"
owner: "You mad?"
me: "waaa_mfg"

I guess whoever she sent to find the money does find it where I said it was.
owner: "OK bye"

funny way to make a living.

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