I Can't Keep My Mouth Shut

Sun, 2007-12-30 00:48

OK, so I was working in a restaurant a few years back. Ok, quite a few. I was running the cash register and was more or less in charge. I happened to see a customer cross the floor with a plate, headed for the waitress. This really looked like management should be involved, so I started over and intercepted the customer just as she caught the waitress.

Turns out there were bugs in the food. Teeny tiny bugs. Now, you can say anything you want about this particular restaurant, but the place was clean. Really, really, really clean. I don't know how the bugs got in there. I took the plate and instructed the waitress to find out if there was anything else she could get the customer.

I took the plate back in the kitchen. The owner was trying to leave. I followed her around the kitchen trying to get her attention. She ignored me. Finally I stood still and cried "It's got bugs!"

The owner looked at the plate, and told me they were piss ants. She told me to tell the xxx cook to keep the xxx piss ants out of the xxx food. I turned right around, looked at the cook, and said "Can you keep the xxx piss ants out of the xxx food?" He says yes.

I also got permission to give the customer her meal for free.

The lady came up to pay. The original item she had ordered was pigs in a blanket. I did not even know that we had pigs in a blanket on the menu. I was immediately caught up in a dilemma.

Do I say it? You know I gotta.

"Ma'am, I am ever so sorry. That is a new menu item, and we ain't quite got the bugs worked out yet."

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