Who's Your Registrar?

Sat, 2007-01-27 02:34

I have been using Godaddy as my registrar since they were the little guys. It seemed like a risk at the time, but they seemed to me to be willing to stand up for what is right, and I took a chance. They have never done me wrong.

My blood ran just a little bit cold when I read of GoDaddy shutting down a domain name due to a complaint, as reported here on Slashdot and I began to gradually transfer my own domains to another registrar. I left the domains I hold for other people. It's not so much that I think anyone would threaten anything I manage, it's just the principle.

Today they have done it again, pulling the plug on a website at the first hint of trouble, as reported at news.com. I understand that it is not good business practise for GoDaddy to go to court for a >$10 a year account, but I would like to see them display a tiny bit of hesitation. While the data on this recent website may have been of borderline sensitivity, I can't really see any benefit in quickly taking down this particular copy of the data.

I don't really have any evidence that other registrars would in any way stand up for my poor domain, in the spirit of "innocent until proven guilty" I will very likely give them the chance.

NameCheap.com will likely stand to gain control of the domains I manage for others. I will continue to spread my own domains out a bit, possibly even trying some overseas companies such as joker.com and gandi.net. Once again I doubt I will ever be involved in anything controversial, but the very idea that my domain name could be messed with is so very icky. Like being evicted.

In other news, this week brought us The Day The Googlebomb Died and I don't know whether to be happy or sad.

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